SQL material is not fetched

I took the sql course yesterday, and everything was normal, the course material can be fetched.
But today, when I tried to import the data, which is the material of “create-database-sql” ( course-getting started-5 creating database) it doesn’t work, all the data showing" fetching". as pic1.

So when I executed the syntax, it says the database doesn’t exist.
then I reboot the computer and restarted mysql few times, the problem still there.
I met this problem when I just started to take this course, but I reopened Mysql, it worked. (But this time it doesn’t work anymore.) I didn’t have this problem for few courses untill now.
so pls help me solve this problem.

Thank you.

this topic has been solved from the support offline.
thank you for your reply.

So why don’t you share the solution with us?