Courses material -missing files

Hi, I am hoping somebody here can help me with this one. I downloaded the courses materials and uploaded them into the workbench, nut looks like I am missing inventory and hr files.
Yes, I tried to download David’s codes, but it’s not working with invoicing exercise and showing a few errors.


You can only upload the create-databases file in mysqlworkbench and execute.

Type SHOW DATABASES and execute. Now you should see it displayed.

Thank you, it’s what I got. What can I do to get it right

You’re welcome.
Open new script and type USE follow by the name of the database you want to use and execute the script.

For example:
USE sql_store;

This means you’re ready to use this database and its tables.

Thanks again. Tried a few times and still no results. So hard to study when you can’t practice
Hopefully’ you/somebody has the answer