Request for Updated material on Mysql Mastery Course

Since starting the beginner part of this course on Youtube I’ve been experiencing slight output difference between mine and Mosh’s, but they’re becoming really time consuming now that I’m almost 30% into the course.

I’m stuck for a long while on some exercises for way longer than I should, and when I watch the solution, the output data is not the same.


  1. Just a single row would show up for customers in Virginia in —>

Mysql Mastery, 3- The HAVING Clause (time on video 4:14 )
4:14 3- The HAVING Clause | Code with Mosh

  1. Rollup exercise

  2. you tell me in the reply?

can we please have access to the same database Mosh is using?

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I’m having the same problem. Once i got past the free parts only some of the tables are updated. Ive done the database restore but it seems like not every table was restored on Moss’s databases.


I have the same concern with Mosh’s courses, they never get updated.

I haven’t taken this specific course, but have you tried installing the tools of the same version as Mosh?

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it’s really not the commands that are different, it’s the output of data
anyways I’m starting to get the hang of it :slight_smile: nothing can stop me lol

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Its definitely the output of data. The exercise is supposed to bring up two different customers from state = “VA”. I decided to update customer_id = 1 to have state = “VA” as shown in the video in his output. However, the resulting order_id = 11 is missing as well. It seems like there were changes he made to the video/exercises but weren’t updated on the database provided.

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true. now I’m over 50% into the course and he already created database from scratch about 2 times I think to avoid later conflicts :smiley: happens