MYSQL database missmatch

Hi, I have noticed some mismatches between the results I am receiving and the solutions in the videos. Recently I have restored my database to it’s original state as advice by Mosh in order to continue my study. Currently I am at the ‘HAVING’ clause lesson where you have to find all the clients in state Virginia, in my database there is one and in the example there are two therefore non of my answers matches to the excesses solutions. What I am doing wrong? (I notice mismatch at the payment method name as well).

Thanks in advance,

Hi Denitsa,

Yes while 99% of the data is consistent, you may notice some slight inconsistency in the data returned from Mosh’s examples but don’t let it bother you as the underlying concepts are whats important not the actual results you get back. If you needed more info on these data inconsistencies please check these threads below.

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Thank you! I though that I may missing something.