Complete SQL Mastery - Missmatch in DATABASE

Hello Everyone,
I want to report a missmatch between movies and database delivered to course.
It happen before, but I skipped to inform anybody. When it happen second time I wanna raport this, becaues somebody can get stuck.

I am not able to add screenshot, because I am new user so here is piece of script delivered to learn the course:

INSERT INTO `customers` VALUES (1,'Babara','MacCaffrey','1986-03-28','781-932-9754','0 Sage Terrace','Waltham','MA',2273);
INSERT INTO `customers` VALUES (2,'Ines','Brushfield','1986-04-13','804-427-9456','14187 Commercial Trail','Hampton','VA',947);

As You can see there is only one user from Virginia and in the movie HAVING Clausule you can see that after:
SELECT * from customers WHERE state = 'VA'
two results appear with ID 1 and 2 which is not true with this script.

If you check the SELECT video (2nd video from part 2 of the course), one of the rows is updated to state VA, demonstrating usage of DISTINCT.

Maybe you are right Anastasia. Now I do not remember, but very often there was information to reload database, so I was doing it for sure at basic one.

This is not big issue, but somebody can not notice and then wonder why result is okay.

Thanks for answer :slight_smile: