Need help in python

im trying to do the django part and everytime i try to enter it in the terminal, i get the translation() error
need help :slight_smile:

Hi is this the error you are getting?

TypeError: translation() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘codeset’

yes exactly that do you have any idea how i can fix this and why is it happening

You will need to install and run the latest version of django, not 2.1 like Mosh does in the video.

i did do that but it still doesn’t work, i even switched the python versions but it still giving the same translation error

You may need to completely uninstall your previous django version with ‘pip uninstall django’, then reinstall latest django version in a new project

I am really excited about the course but I had watched the YouTube tutorial where we use pycharm as the IDE and not Vscode, I feel confused. Any help please.

Hi in the YT tutorial Mosh uses Pycharm because its easier for beginners to get started but in the full course he uses VSCode because there are some good python extensions and its his favourite code editor

Thanks, I’m all in with VsCode too after a small research .Ready

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