Just started Django course part 2 - there's an issue I can't solve

I have just started the second part of Mosh’s Django course, and am on the second lesson titled ‘Setting Up the Project’. Unfortunately, when I drag the storefont2 file into my VSCode I get a message on every section of it saying ‘The file is not displayed in the text editor because it is either binary or uses an unsupported text encoding’. Can anyone help me get past this please? Mosh didn’t have this issue in his video, so I’m really not sure how to get past it.

Please help!

I didn’t take this course so I can only assume the file you’re speaking of is a file you downloaded from the course, in which case it might be in a zipped folder which you’ll have to extract first before you can do anything with it

Thanks Nathan for the reply. I managed to somehow get it working through what I can only say is pure luck.

While it could seem as luck, believe me, it’s far from luck. Perhaps, you did something you thought was insignificant. It was that effort that made it work, not luck. I would suggest you calmly look up what went wrong for better understanding . I did happen to me, I attributed it to luck until a careful look revealed what the problem was.
Welcome to the world of coding. Cheers!