HTML Basics 7 Video and Audio

I am getting an error saying “the file is not displayed in the editor because it is either binary or uses an unsupported text encoding”. I am using the video downloaded from pexels in the exercise that he drags and drops.

Any help with this? I am really stuck with this one


Sounds like you’re looking at the video file. There’s no need to look at the video file, I think you’re dragging it into the work area (right side of vs code) instead of the folder area (left side of vs code) once you’ve dragged it to the correct folder on the left side, go ahead and reselect your code along the top bar (like tabs in a browser) and you can close the video on that tabbed area.

Thanks for the advice but I am fairly certain I was putting it into the file area

Your picture is helpful and confirms exactly what I’m saying. You need not do anything else with it. VS Code is simply telling you it cannot do anything with that video because it doesn’t recognize the format.

No other action is needed. Simply go back to your code and point to that file location as indicated and follow along by launching your live server. It will work.

Essentially what you’re trying to do is open the video as code, which VS Code cannot do. No need to click on it or do anything with it.

I didn’t try to open it all though. As soon as I put it in the file that came up.

This is what the actual code looks like, when I open in live server it’s just a white screen

This a screenshot of the liveserver window…It’s just blank

I figured out what my problem was and it was something very simple
I put “video/ocean.mp4” what I needed to put was “videos/ocean.mp4”
I missed the s in videos. I thought I would update even though I got it figured out in case others have the same problem. Sometimes the solutions are super simple!