ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'store'

Hi I am facing issue from last 2 days could not solve it from stake overflow or other study resources need help,
while I am importing:
** from store.models import Product **
Showing error :
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘store’

kindly Check the Screenshot for reference:

Are you sure your python interpretor is set to your virtual environment not global instance?

in the “Django Fundamentals” section lecture 6 “using the integrated terminal in VScode” Mosh shows how to set the python interpretor, make sure you have the one set in your virtual environment.

This might not be the problem but this is usually the first thing to check when you have issues like this

Yes I am using integrated terminal window after setting the the path properly.
I am getting this error from “Django ORM” lecture no 5 “Managers and QuerySets”

very weird… and you ran pipenv shell to start virtual environment beforehand?

yes. I have used pipenv shell to start the virtual environment ,I followed each and every step as advised by Mosh…

Did you solve the issue? If not try restarting vscode

Nope … Not solved… I have checked Other forums also almost same issue but no proper resolutions…I have wested long time on this, so left the code as it is…moving on…
I am think I have wested my money by buying this course.
You can check the other link below…

it is indeed strange.
one thing you can do is to download the Supplementary Materials.
In the folder Code you can download the Code before and after a section.

When you start the second course, Mosh explains how to setup the project from such a folder. Basically, you just have to install the viruatal environment and the dependencies, listed in the pipfile are installed at the same time.
Like that you can make sure to have all dependencies correctly set.

Also note:
in windows and newer versions of VS Code, you dont have to append anything anymore when inputting the python path. you can normally completely select the full python path to the virtual environment.
in case you need to append something to get to the python.exe: its different in windows than on a Mac. So whatever Mosh is appending: in Windows its different!

Actually I have installed virtual environments and dependencies as shown by mosh.
No issue I will try again after checking 2nd course.

and I am Using Mac - Ventura -13.4.

The exact same problem I am having. I am on Windows 10 pro and I used \Scripts\python.exe after the path to my virtual environment. Yet, I did not see the extra .vscode package added to my virtualenv. I am still stuck. Please, any suggestions to get past this problem will be deeply appreciated.

Check the settings in installed apps and see if it was correctly spelt. I got a similar error due to misspelling while registering debug_toolbar into it. And please don’t forget to CTRL+S while coding using VScode. Just saying.