Django - Setting up the development environment

Hi guys, can anyone possibly help me, I started moshes course for Django and am on lesson 5 Creating Your First Django Project. I’ve followed moshes video and it’s not working for me. I’m up to 1:41sec where mosh shows to type

code .

In terminal but I get the message command not found?? Mosh says to drag the folder to terminal but doesn’t say which folder???

Does anyone have this issue? I’m running on a mac


Hi I just started the course as well.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if I’m able to help you (I’m using Windows 10).

If you followed the instructions:



Incase you are unable to find them use (Windows 10) Crtl-F and trace the files.

Did you get it to work already … I managed to import them in VS Code … but than subsequently I got stuck with the django-admin command opening a new project.

My system does not recognize the Django command
Did you encounter the same ??

Hi Henk,

I finally managed to get it to work. I ended up deleting everything and starting over from scratch, it worked the 3rd time. No idea why as I’m 99% sure i did everything the exact same.

Let me know how you are progressing with the course if we are both starting at the same time.

Thanks for your reply … what exactly did you delete reinstall ??

Hi henk,

So i deleted the storefront folder that was set up, and also deleted all the resource files that were downloaded a few lessons earlier. Then I started the Django Fundamentals from lesson 4 all over again. I had to do it 3 times and it seemed to start working the 3rd time. No idea why as I did the same step by step procedure each time.

Have you been able to get it to work yet?

U need to add visual studio code to u path bro

it works for me 1st try i started

You can also just start VSCode and open the folder.

Is there anyone that can advice on the error I receive regarding the django-admin command


Can you do a screenshot of the error or copy and paste it into this thread

I hope this will do !!

I have not worked in the lesson for 2-3 months, but do remember I came across this before.
If you are not in the virtual environment (python run in a VM), so make sure you execute the python command in a correct VM.