Getting Started with the new "best-ever" Django course

New Guy here, trying to get started with the Django course and running into some issues and looking for any assistance I can get:
So. first I’m running an iMac Big Sur 11.4, Python 3.8 and VSCode 1.57.1
First, I run into my initial discrepancy at 1:02 on Video#5 “Just highlight and hit enter…” doesn’t work. I need to cut and paste. So I ask, why either/or?? Any insight is appreciated. Is is the Dark side uSoft or Apple?
Next, where EXACTLY do we find the bin folder mentioned at 1:15. I don’t see it in Desktop
Again, at 3:32 in the same video (#5), he DELETES the redundant “storefront” folder. Where does this dropdown originate. I DO NOT HAVE that option in ANY of my VSCODE category options. Can anyone tell me where? Is it Code?, File?, Edit?, Selection? Any help ??
Finally, video #6 at starting at 0:38 to create an integrated Terminal in VSCode. I get this response after following the lesson…source /Users/danfuller/.local/share/virtualenvs/storefront-b2BT3zNg/bin/activate

The default interactive shell is now zsh.
To update your account to use zsh, please run chsh -s /bin/zsh.
For more details, please visit Use zsh as the default shell on your Mac - Apple Support.
(base) Dans-iMac:storefront danfuller$ source /Users/danfuller/.local/share/virtualenvs/storefront-b2BT3zNg/bin/activate
(storefront) (base) Dans-iMac:storefront danfuller$

Do I need to make these changes?? Mosh certainly didn’t.

Any help, on ANY of these issues is greatly appreciated

Hey bud, I’m new to Django hope I can help.

  1. The Storefront folder is created when you run “Django-admin startproject storefront”
    The redundant folder is created at this point, as well as the dropdown in vscode
  2. Delete it and run the same command “Django-admin startproject storefront .” but end it with a period.

as for the MacBook issue, sorry imp on a windows. But run the code if it doesn’t work delete the project and start again.