Vscode directory and setting json not being created

2- Your First Django Project

following along with the tutorial and it’s not working like Mosh says… it won’t create the vscode directory or the settings.json file. :frowning: so frustrating. I’ve tried to find a fix for this and about to give up. There are others asking for help on this and no support.

I had a similar frustration and found that my VS Code terminal wasn’t in my storefront folder. I cd over to it and then had success.

What step are you on? I may be able to help!

I had the same problem. I’d appreciate a tip. I can try to proceed without worrying about this detail, but I would rather not.

Yeah! What step didn’t work? Did you successfully get the ‘store’ folder created? How did you try to get your json folder created?

Spoiler: later in the lessons Mosh gives you a folder with everything pre-installed correctly, so if you really can’t get this to work you can continue onward.

To answer this question for anyone else dealing with this issue, this is how you fix it.

  1. Click Terminal at the top of VSCODE and click “New Terminal”. This will open a new interactive terminal at bottom of your VSCODE.

  2. In the right side of the terminal you will see a + sign with a dropdown arrow next to it. Click the dropdown and click “configure terminal settings”.

  3. You will then see at the top portion of VSCODE a settings tab pop up on your screen. Under the option “Terminal: Explorer Kind”, change it from “internal” to “external”. Do that for User as well as Workspace.

  4. If done right, you will see the vscode folder populate in your explorer.