Vscode directory and setting json not being created

2- Your First Django Project

following along with the tutorial and it’s not working like Mosh says… it won’t create the vscode directory or the settings.json file. :frowning: so frustrating. I’ve tried to find a fix for this and about to give up. There are others asking for help on this and no support.

I had a similar frustration and found that my VS Code terminal wasn’t in my storefront folder. I cd over to it and then had success.

What step are you on? I may be able to help!

I had the same problem. I’d appreciate a tip. I can try to proceed without worrying about this detail, but I would rather not.

Yeah! What step didn’t work? Did you successfully get the ‘store’ folder created? How did you try to get your json folder created?

Spoiler: later in the lessons Mosh gives you a folder with everything pre-installed correctly, so if you really can’t get this to work you can continue onward.