No settings.json

Hi there, I’m at video 6 of section 2 of Django part 1 (Using the Integrated Terminal in VSCode).
After I entered the interpreter path, no .vscode directory didn’t show, nor did settings.json. Can anyone tell me what went wrong?

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We share the same issue. Did you ever find a solution? I noticed it’s about a month old so maybe you did.

I found a solution that worked for me. I’m assuming you’re using windows. I manually created the .vscode folder. Then the settings.json file. Manually typed in the python.pythonPath.: Pathway to my virtual server.

Then went to the vs code terminal and started the pipenv shell , then finally the python runserver … which started the development server and I could access it via the browser. Hope that helps.

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I found a solution. Look here:

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Using Vscode …in an active virtual environment(using the command —py -m venv venv or py -m venv activated)aside “py” : python or python3 can be used… ensure the latest version of pip is install and also install django …run the command (django-admin startproject projectname)…this creates a folder containing the file amongst others.

Also search for vscode doc with django.

Did anyone find a solution. I tried the two mentioned but nothing came of it. I tried opting out of the python experiment, and I tried the second one. Nothing happiness. I created my own vscode folder and then a json file in it but I get an error message. Any solutions would be great.


solved the issue. I took the the idea from another post. I went to “Preferences open settins .(JSON)” I then typed in ““python.experiments.enabled”: false,” on the first line and I was avle to get the vs.Code file.

I’m running into this issue as well and can’t seem to do anything about it. In vscode, I’ve gone to file → preferences → settings → [JSON]. this opens a “settings.json” file (shown as “C: > … > python.defaultinterpreterPath” at the top) with:

"": "open",

"python.defaultInterpreterPath": "C:\\path\\python.exe"

I’ve seen that I need to add ““python.experiments.enabled”: false” inside the curly brackets, which I did (with a comma after the preceding line of code so it’s a correctly-formatted list). I then saved this and it didn’t do anything.

I’m not sure what else to do besides creating a “.vscode” folder under the top “storefront” directory and a “settings.json” file within that, so it matches Mosh’s code. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

I should also add that the {
“python.pythonPath”: “C:\path.virtualenvs\storefront-qyXmRXBf\Scripts\python.exe”

shows an error as “code language not supported or defined” despite the “python.pythonPath” being auto-filled.