Using the integrated terminal in VS code

In lesson 6, at 1:29, Mosh hits the return (enter) key and opens the .vscode folder that has a settings file. I followed as Mosh did. However, no such folder or file was created for me. Please advise.

The same thing happened to me as well.

In lesson 6 - ‘Using the integrated terminal in VS code’, after pasting the interpreter path and appending '/bin/python", extra directory .vscode was not created. VS code also does not automatically activate the virtual environment for this project

Please guide how to resolve this.

Did you find the solution. I was able to get it corrected. If you need it let me know in here and Ill send you my solution.

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Hello, I have the same problem. If you know the solution please inform me.

Thank you in advance!

Please explain. I’m facing the same issue.TIA

Hi Daniel, Kindly share the solution. I am also not able to get the file

I need it please,I’m also facing the same problem