Missing bin folder in venv

The Ultimate Django Series: Part 1, lesson 6 (Using the Integrated Terminal in VS Code) in Django fundamentals:
When I enter python interpreter path (C:\Users\Korisnik.virtualenvs\storefront-Tnn4kiNM\bin\python), I get next message:
An Invalid Python interpreter is selected, please try changing it to enable features such as IntelliSense, linting, and debugging. See output for more details regarding why the interpreter is invalid.
I use windows and there is no bin folder in storefront venv, so I tried to replace the path to C:\Users\Korisnik.virtualenvs\storefront-Tnn4kiNM\Scripts\python (since I have Scripts folder instead of bin), but I get the same message. What should I do?

I’ve managed it by myself :slight_smile: I’ve replaced VS Code latest version Python extension with the extension Python v2021.5.842923320, and I added “\Scripts\python” to the integrated terminal VS Code window path

Windows uses Scripts while Mac uses bin. Thus, use Scripts\python.exe instead along with the path. Afterwards, for the sake of confirmation, create any random dummy .py file then click on it. Look at the bottom left corner of your VScode, you should be able to see
python 3.11.4(‘storefront-Tnn4kiNM’ :pipenv). Once, this displays, you’re good to go.