Not finding objects in models in Django (LESSON 41)

Can you help me with this?
I have stuck in this part… After resetting the database i.e. change storefront to the provided storefront folder i faced many issues… i cleared most of them and stuck in this part…
In lesson 41 , he has called objects from the Product class…
but in my case,


i could not find any such thing i.e. objects in Product class
in the video he would have just imported like,
from store.models import Product but here i couldn’t
i have to call like,
from import Product
i get error like
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘’


I have the exact same problem -.-

Hi, on the top try:
“from store.models import Product” not what you have there of “from import Product”

Will it work now?

already tried but doesn’t work :confused:

Does your file tree look like this? Can you post a screenshot

I solved this issue by applying the following steps:
1- First install pylint_django using the command: pip install pylint-django
2- Then, click CTRL + , to open settings
3- Search pylint
4- Under Pylint: Args, click Add Item
5- Enter “pylint_django”
6- Click Ok

really strange. is/was the virtual environment active?

Yes, the virtual environment was active.