Memorization of the HTML and CSS course

I’m new to HTML and CSS and I can’t memorize anything. Does anyone have any tips on how I can memorize the lessons in the course?

Practice, practice, practice.


Work along with Mosh, and the next day do it again. Try to do it yourself, before you watch him.

Practice again.

I took a bootcamp, and even the veterans say you’ll never remember all of it, but you’ll get the most commonly used things.

I’m almost done with the second part of the Bundle and I can’t remember most of it. I tried writing it down and taking notes but that didn’t really help either.

I got HTML down but the CSS is what is really hard for me.

I’ll say it again. After repeat usage, and practice, you’ll ‘get it’.

An outside source and going over it, may help it click too. I’d recommend Mosh’s html/css course, he’s so succinct (and thorough) with his teaching. But another outside course, explaining stuff differently may help. (There are soooo many!) Try CSS Tutorial: Learn CSS For Free | Codecademy

Another way is it to write down a quiz for yourself…

Write it down, make sure you know how to utilize the code today. When you can answer the question several days in a row, then retire that question for a few days, and pull it out again in the near future. Repeat with several questions.

You won’t be able to watch videos and learn this stuff. Your need to get hands on, and code! Even if it is such a simple idea!

Make sure you understand the simple ideas, even if just for a moment. And build on it. There have been times when I learned an idea, moved on, and forgot about it. Then within another lesson I recalled it, and it made better sense. Yes, you’ll need to keep back tracking. Again, repeat, reuse, practice!

Check other sources for a different explanation. It may ‘help it click’.

If you’re just not getting an idea. Ask a question, there are many online forums!

Good Luck,

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