New to HTML and CSS

Hello guys i am new here,watching the videos for html and css and its sincerely so overwhelming.I want to ask those who have gone through this,when watching the tutorials did you have your visual studio open and practice while watching the tut or you watched the tut and later you practiced?

Henry, I entered each line into VS during the tutorials and then would stop the tutorial and “play around” with it. When I finally completed the courses I re-watched and re-entered many of the exercises that I didn’t quite understand the second time. That said, I feel it was well worth the effort as I’m fairly comfortable with the HTML and CSS and moving on to Java and Python. Hang in there.


Hi there, Henry

I’m following a VSC tut on Udemy with James Quick. He really knows his stuff. I’m an old web hand, but haven’t done any serious web page building in a long while, so I still need to upgrade my understanding of what’s out there now, big-time. LOL

Your best bet when learning all of this stuff is to get yourself a whiteboard. When I first started learning all of this stuff back in the stone-age, I found it immensely helpful in visualising stuff away from the computer screen. :wink:

It’s not easy for me re-learning all of this stuff, mostly because my memory has always been bad — as far back as I can remember. LOL

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Thanks so much for your response i will apply the method you used.

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Thanks a lot i appreciate your response.

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Hi Henry2125

I usually practice while watching the video as it is more helpful then practising after watching the video. if you practice while watching you can easily understand each step and its importance.