Best ways to learn?

I’m 70% done with the first part of the ultimate html/css course and I’m a little frustrated that there have been no suggestions yet for challenges or assignments; the course so far is just a lecture series. I can try and make assignments for myself, but this course would be stronger if assignments were added targeting the material specifically.

Since I’m really new to this, I’m not over the initial knowledge hump to start building things myself and play around. I think that once I get over that, this wont be as much of an issue, but I’d like suggestions on ways to practice as a beginner.

Thank you.

I agree with you, sometimes we want to be challenged by others instead of finding our own challenges.

I would suggest you find a site with challenges.
W3Schools has some but I find them very basic.


Yeah, some of the courses are like that. There are a few smaller challenges but not so many larger projects.

Is there anything in particular you are looking to work on? I will start making a few references for you that I think can help out.

I designed a chess variation with several unique components. My friend and I are currently building a style website to support the game, and with my background in digital art I designed the overall look of the website in gimp. Even though we decided to divide and conquer (since he is familiar with html/css/js), I feel like an ass telling him what to do because I have more free time than he does. I want to learn html/css to help him out.

Because I have a creative bone I think my ability will grow once I start making things in css. The issue is just getting past the beginner stage.

I also don’t want to be broke my whole life, so #learntocode.

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I think best way to learn is "high input volume " jus like a learning language, you need to read and write a lot of code.