How to learn HTML and CSS

Hello i am a student and i am new to all this things. I have a course at the university that is similar to this but still it’s very hard for me to keep learning. Right now i know or i think i know the basics but i am stuck in the second course of mosh’s course. The first one was not so hard but the second one is on whole new level. My question is where i can practice the basics so i can understand what to do and to keep going with the second course.

hello @Kambata i experienced same problem the course on the HTML and CSS the first was OK but the second was a lot challenging but mosh course on HTML and CSS is among the best. besides my advice to you is to practice the code you see in every video you watch from the fist series to the second one. at least that what i did and i understood it perfectly.

Thanks for answering so soon. I am doing exactly this. I decided to do the first course again so i can become better. Hope this helps me. Thank you again.

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