How to learn and practice coding

Hello please how do you learn coding and then practicing it at the same time?

When you learn a new concept, you are likely to forget it very quickly. The key is to use it several times until you really understand it. Mosh suggests you watch the video, write it down, then code it.

Personally, I create a couple of projects at the same time. I do the exercises he has in his course, but then I also try to expand on what he is teaching by creating the same thing in another project on my own. For example, when he had use create an issue tracker system, I created a project to create lists of airports and airlines. Many of the same skills applied.

The key is to do it over and over again. Then after you learn some other things, come back to it again if you need to. You will spend a lot of hours coding. In the back of your mind you are training yourself to think a certain way and it will be much faster to refresh it when you come back to it.


Thank you for the help, I’ll try my best to master it.

Personally, I watch video, understand concepts only. Then when you do real project or task you just know what to google if needed, because you watched video and you know basic concepts only that you need is find solution based on your knowledge.

That’s exactly the way - you can’t memorize every syntax.