Beginner CSS question

Hi everyone,

I’m very very very new in the coding world. I’ve started with Part 1 of the HTML/CSS course.

I’m now at the CSS basic and my head is SPINNING! How do you guys remember all those different kind of selectors? Basic selectors, relational selectors, pseudo-class selectors, pseudo-element selectors and all the different characters you need to use for it, like: . # : ^ ~ and so on.

Do you guys have any tips. I really want to learn it, but it’s going so fast, the CSS chapter. So much to remember :weary:

Take notes and make yourself a cheat sheet. You’ll soon know the common selectors and properties by heart. For the less commonly used it’s sufficient to know that they exist. You can always come back to your cheat sheet (or google) for the correct syntax.


Thank you for answering my question!

Just stick with it!! The best thing that has helped me so far is repetition. Doing it over and over will help you remember for sure! A big mistake I made in the beginning was going too fast and trying to learn as quickly as possible. Slow and steady definitely wins the race when learning how to code!

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I doubt anyone remembers everything about CSS. You’ll start to remember the things you’ll use the most, and more importantly, you’ll develop the ability to quickly figure out the things you need that you don’t remember.

Don’t get overwhelmed; you’ll be okay.

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I’m also new to css and html course, my idea to learn is take it slow and understand how to use everything. Don’t skip as you think you understand how it works, repeat it 2x and for the second time. Try not look into the course and make it by your self. Look what you need and think what you don’t need. It would be nice to connect with you Grace.

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Hi Lorenzlucin, you are totally right! I need to do it slowly to fully grasp it.

Connecting would be nice, but I cancelled my subscription over here, so I think I’m going to be removed from this community sooner or later☺️

What helps me is realizing this isn’t traditional school.

I’m not expected to remember everything by heart. Most of the time, like with the end of part 1 exercises, I did what I could, then googled what I couldn’t.

If I know how to look for it, that’s a good sign. And after looking so many times, I’ll begin to just remember.

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Thanks for this! I think this is a good way to go about it!