Need Help Asap Please And thank you!

Does it matter the order and which I start my code and start with? I know in index html but in styles.

I’m already like 25 percent into part 2 and have taken alot of notes and feel I have learned alot but I need answers and somebody to help me and I never got the solutions for the last exercise the chart and box
Got stuck bc I didn’t know how to take the 1.2.3 off and forgot how to center them , and the photo gallery as well really needed the solution for that.

Yes the order of your styles matter because of selectors with the same specificity, the rule that is applied last will be applied

Hi, I had the same mess in the selectors at the beginning. Watch HMTL/CSS Part 1/CSS Basic/ Lesson 8: Selectors specificity again. I’m in the middle of the 3 part of the course now. It’s a great course. I’ve started before 2 months from zero and now I’ve learned so many things! :smiley:

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll try that I feel I have part 1 down pretty good, I get lost in part 2 somewhere and not being able to see the solutions for the assignments were a big prob.
I feel I learned so much but just need to see what all I learned on a code sheet or it to be talked ab all in one video tbh but thanks so much!

HI, you still there? I had a problems with Node and a Parcel but I left it behind, now I’m in final section of Ultimate Java Script for beginners. It’s completely understandable course for beginners.
What are you learning now?

Hi, I believe we are on the same stage of studying this stuffs. I’m glad you responded to me and have a new friend in the same problem. Sorry for my English, I’m not a good speaker, but the thing I’ve absorbed: if you’re code doesn’t work, you’ve done something wrong. This is the rule that guides me forward. I had totally crashed with install Parcel in the end of 3rd part of HTML course, and completed the course with success, but I’ve learned How to build a website with “from bottom to up” approach. Mosh is a great teacher. Stay on the line and don’t give up