Problem with Relational Selectors

Hi there! I have a little problem about the relational selectors in css part of this course. When I generate section#products in index.html and then I go to style.css and I type:" #products p { color:orange;} " doesn’t works on the chrome… my writing is all black instead of orange :((( please help me . I dont’t know what to do. Thanks for the help in advance.

Compare your code with Mosh’s. Or share your code if you can’t solve the issue yourself.

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I solved the problem, thank you!

I am having the same trouble right now. All my code is exactly the same. I have restarted all the programs/extensions and even my computer just in case. HELP! :slight_smile:

My Code on the html doc:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

My code on style sheet:
body {
margin: 10px;

#products p {
color: orange;

Hi, how did you solve your problem as I am having the same issue. Thanks!

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Check if your stylesheet is linked with html document using link tag.

check if the class or id name are same on both CSS file and html file.

Thank you so much that helped!

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Having the same problem
Css Style

I think here is all correct, or I’m missing something?
When i try to user the #product is all good when i need to details with the ‘‘p’’ it consider it as the name of the category

Is all linked to the CSS file

Hello, For anyone who will have my same problem, i solved checking where the ‘‘p’’ was included :smiley:

Just with patient we can find the problem :smiley:

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I m glad that you solve the problem!!