IDE - PyCharm vs. CSCode

I started with Mosh’s Youtube course, where he suggests using PyCharm, however, after signing up for the full course, suggestion was made to use CSCode (with the addons, ofcourse). Which is the one a beginner should use?

I never used PyCharm, but I know the company that developed it (jetbrains) made a really good IDE for Java that I use.

I’d be worried about using CSCode because it can be inconsistent. (sometimes works sometimes doesn’t for strange reasons) But when it works it’s great.

I was able to follow along with his Python course by just using the regular Python IDLE application that comes with installing python.

So I’d lean towards PyCharm, worst case scenario if neither work, you can use the regular Python IDLE that comes with installing python.

EDIT: He gives a lot of shortcuts for CSCode, so keep that in mind.

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