Whats wrong with vscode?

Hi! I decided to buy Mosh’s course after being half way into the free youtube 6 hour course. I’m confused why VScode does not execute properly like pycharm does? If you look at the terminal it has so much noise!

VSCode is highly customizable. Almost anything you don’t like - you can change. Also of course you are free to use PyCharm if you prefer. So pick your favorite (or least hated) IDE, learn to use it, and get to work coding - that’s really the best course of action.

It looks like your python program in nested deep a directory and are you using the absolute (full) path to run the program? The screen is a bit cropped so its hard to see whats going on

You should be able to run the program by just typing py <program_name.py> into the terminal, or using the run button that is located above the editor pane.