I'm new to Python, what should I use as a code editor? Which is the best?

Recently I enrolled in Mosh’s Python course on this website, and I found that Mosh uses Visual Studio Code in the course.

But on the other hand, he uses PyCharm in his free youtube python lecture. - https://youtu.be/_uQrJ0TkZlc

What should I use to write python codes?

I recognized that when I input ‘print’ and press the ‘Enter’ on the PyCharm, it autocompletes parentheses. But when I did the same thing on VS Code, I should press the ‘(’ key after input ‘print’.

Would someone recommend me the best editor for a novice python developer and about reasons?


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I personally liked Pycharm and I am using it for quiet a bit .
And I dont have any issue…
But the editor you use totally depends on your choice so try both and then use which you like the most…

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