Code editor- pycharm vs vscode

Hello Everyone,

I’m one day old here and a beginner in Python programming. I just need some clarification. When I started on Mosh YouTube Beginners to Python, he used PyCharm as the IDE for the introductory course. However, after purchasing the complete course, the introductory editor is VSCode. What’s the difference and why VSCode and not PyCharm?


Mosh uses VSCode in almost every course, it has more pluggins, it’s more intuitive, and you can use the same editor for many languages.

PyCharm offers more features at the beggining like autocompletion, but you can always install plugins for VSCode to achieve the same result.

I personally prefer VSCode, but you can achieve the same results in both editors.

@WollenMoth , thank you very much for your response. I now understand.

Pycharm is more hevy than vs code it will consume more your system resources , in my opinion vs code is the best . finally its from Microsoft .

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