Youtube tutorial vs paid course

Hello there. I started the 6 hour YouTube course python for beginners, which i found fantastic but about 2 hours in, I decided to buy the paid course as i thought there may be more contant but more importantly, it may be more convenient to navigate (both are true by the way). However, I realised that where the youtube tutorials use pycharm, the paid tutorials use VScode. I am an absolute beginner and I found pycharm fantastic but the change has thrown me out a bit. Any advice on how to progress please?

Thank you


I would say personal preference. I also started on YouTube with pycharn then came here. I still follow the course just using pycharm for it. Haven’t come across anything I can’t do or is harder because he is on vscode.


Thank you very much for your response Andy!

I’ve also come from YouTube. I’ve just carried on Pycharm. I’ve 40%. So far so good.

Speaking of which, I purchased this course after doing several classes on YouTube, which is now a lot more helpful.


Yeah is preference. When i started learning, vscode was the way to go. Now, the business where i work, give me pycharm, the main rason is, docker, lints, and if i do refactor in one thing, pycharm is nice.

But i often use visual studio for a lot of things, for the moment i only use pycharm cause the simplicities with docker i think haha

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Thank you very much! Yes Pycharm seems so easy to use.

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I came about his course the same way, YouTube then purchased the course. Used pycharm for about 3hrs and loved it, vscode IMHO not quite as easy to get to grips with. At the end of the day it’s just an editor/ide, so doesn’t matter which one you use.

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I’d say it’s a matter of personal preference. I started with pycharn on YouTube and then went on to this site. I’m still completing the course, but with pycharm this time. Because he utilises vscode, I haven’t ran into anything I can’t do or that is more difficult.

the same from YT, and found VSCode is hard for me to follow even for the settings in the beginning, stuck there… thanks for the post and replies, now I know it’s just personal preference. will go with pycharm :slight_smile: