Clean Code uncle bob

Hi dear friends, I’m watching clean code course by uncle bob but some of it’s topic is not really easy to understand and maybe it’s ambiguous to me
I’m wondering if is there any other course base on clean code topics?

There are actually a lot, but personally I find Uncle Bob about as good as it gets. There is a book on refactoring legacy code which is pretty good. I’d like to get a chance to check out Mosh’s course too though.

Is there a particular part you are having trouble understanding?

I’ve read about half of his book about clean code and a part of his Clean Coder book.

As for anything new, it is likely to ask some background or time to understand.

Remember I once read a book about Selenium and it talked about Fluent Interface, I had no idea what it is and it is actually very simple. But when I did not know it made the whole idea obscure.

As @jmrunkle asked, it would be handy to know specific points you feel difficult so someone could explain.

Note that Uncle Bob has available videos on YT where basically the content of his books is showcased.