Video format suggestion

I am doing the Java courses and have had some difficulty following some of it, because the screen is cutoff due to it being zoomed in by Mosh. In one of the lessons, I struggled for the simple reason that I could not see what was on the right hand side of the screen. I wasted time trying to figure it out doing google searches and on stackoverflow. For beginners, it makes it difficult. Maybe it is done that way so someone viewing this on a phone can see, but it really hampers others and detracts from the lessons as we are only able to see a small portion of the edit window.

Maybe have a separate video for mobile devices if needed to zoom in for them, so those watching on a computer or large screen can get a clearer understanding and see the entire screen and not lose details.

I don’t think so. If you compare how Mosh’s teaching evolved from course to course you can see that Mosh makes quite an effort arranging windows, panels etc. to focus on the important things. What really counts is always in the recording window and in the rate cases when it’s not, Mosh explains what you can’t see.

And BTW often you are free to choose your editor/IDE or the look and feel of the same IDE is different on different operating systems. I don’t think we need nine courses to learn Java with IntelliJ, NetBeans, Eclipse on MacOs, Windows, Linux.

Just because I’m curious about it: What lesson are you talking about and what was missing in the video that you think you needed to see?

It was under Lesson 1, clean coding and the reformatting of the mortgage and payment schedule.

Are you talking about Ultimate Java Part 1, section 4 Clean Coding, Lesson 9 Refactoring the Code?

It was the right hand side. I was missing something and getting an error and it happened to be with the number formatting. It was a simple error, but as a newbie, I could not see what was on the screen. I eventually figured it out, but, like I said, if the whole screen was visible, it would have been simple. I understand, not everyone is a novice and they would not see it from my viewpoint. I just feel that zooming in on such a small portion of the edit window is not ideal. This was part of what I was getting at…