Suggestion to Mosh

Mosh! Your courses are brilliant but there is an issue that they are split into really small videos and it doesn’t feel good, it breaks the flow as the videos start and end very quickly. so I think splitting a course of 12 hours into 4 parts each a single video 3 hours long or something like that should be a better strategy.
it would definitely enhance the customer experience.

I would say it is quite the opposite.
Many people have little time and having small digestible video make it easy for them to follow.
Nothing prevent anyone to watch a few in one day. That’s actually what I do.
However is there is chaptering on a longer video why not.

But I’d add something else to this.
Watching videos is not the purpose. You need to practice.
Can you really remember the details of let alone 10mn of video ?
You’ll need to pause on regular basis anyway.
Short videos at least allow to catch the big picture in one glance. Just like the table of content of a book.


I tend to agree with the above, its way easier if your struggling with a concept just to go back and watch that lecture, you don’t have to try to find it in a long video clicking everywhere


Very good point. Videos are interactive and can be cool but to find a specific detail, it is nightmare.

You still remember you got a piece of info from a video but you may not be sure which one. You end up trying to click scan the video to actually, oftentimes, completely miss the spot where it is disclosed.
That’s why I spend much time taking notes when I take a course. Easier to scan for info and even search because it is digital.