The Ultimate Git Course: Part 7 Video - Pulling now working

So I’m on this part of the course, but there seems to be something wrong because when I’m at the part to do the “Git Pull” command just like mosh does to do the 3-way merge, I keep getting this error “Pulling without specifying how to reconcile divergent branches is discouraged”, not allowing me to finish the pull while it does for Mosh. I followed everything so far precisely how he does it but for some reason, it’s working for him and not for me (unless I do git pull -rebase which I didn’t want to do).

Are you absolutely certain you are doing everything exactly like Mosh? If you have divergent branches, that means that you have conflicting changes between what you changed on GitHub and what you changed locally. Mosh avoided that by changing README on GitHub and adding a whole new file on the local branch.

Can you share your GitHub link and then what your local history looks like (eg. the output of git log -p)?

Another possibility is that this is just a warning and it actually did the merge anyway: How can I deal with this Git warning? "Pulling without specifying how to reconcile divergent branches is discouraged" - Stack Overflow

To retain default behavior and get rid of the warning, you should be able to run:

git config --global pull.ff true

Yeah, I deleted/restarted my local and remote repo and did the whole thing again exactly how mosh did it and I’m still getting the error. Specifically, it says “Need to specify how to reconcile divergent branches.

This is my remote Repo: GitHub - sharktankful/Mars

I could do that but I first just wanted to follow how he did it first and not get lost in any of the videos later on in the course.

If you do this, it should just be explicitly setting the default, but silencing the warning. So you should not be worried about diverging from Mosh’s setup.


I think I somewhat understand so I’ll try that.

To give an update, I did try that and it did create the same exact result as in the video so thanks!

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