Rewriting History->Reverting Commits: I disagree with Mosh's last comment

At the beginning of the lesson Mosh said:
“Assume we pushed all of these commits to a REMOTE repository”

Through the lesson, we reverted 3 commits and reset hard to the 3rd previous commit.

At the end of the lesson Mosh said:
“We can now push to the origin and share it with others.”
NO NO NO, I disagree.

Say that many folks cloned our pulled from what we had initially on the REMOTE.
They are 3 commits ahead of what we removed locally.
We should NOT push (our local snapshot) to the origin and share it with others!

I see your point.
That said, s**t happens and there’s a super power called communication. Explain other team members the situation. Once a consensus is found, there’s no more issue.