Section 4. - Branching - Video no. 4 - Working with Branches

I have a problem getting a result that Mosh demonstrated in the video.

At the start of section 4, Mosh said that we can start from project Venus which is available to download. When I downloaded video, I follow every instruction and I get some other results.
When I look commits in my local directory and Mosh that represented in video they are not the same. I put picture here.

If i understand Mosh has 2 more commits then me. I dont know why because I followed instructions completely .

Is this maybe because in the Moshs example is changes incorporetad from Section 3 ?

Please answer to my question.

I figured out that problem is that changes also involve 3rd section. So user of tutorial will not get same result as Mosh if download project Venus directly, but have to make changes from 3rd section on project to update project.


So that’s the point. Mosh and his team didn’t make the project at the start and finish of the chapter (section) so it’s my recommendation to do on this tutorial.