Study buddy; The Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 Series: Part 1

Is there anyone on the same course as me that would like to be a study buddy? For sparring and helping each other progress?

I’m at ‘9. validating webpages’ right now.

Kind regards,


Hi there Kenny, just started the course. Am eager to have a study buddy and I will let you know my progress if I catch up with you.


Hey man! That is cool! I am pretty much at the very beginning. Idk if we have an inbox here, but maybe we can talk on discord or teams or something? Here is my email if needed. Working together with someone would motivate me so much more!

I don’t have discord man. I only opened an FB account 4 yrs ago and my last laptop before this one was a vista os. I will crawl through all of these courses :slight_smile:

I have been studying this course since February. I’m on Part 2 - Layout. It’s pretty damn cool! I’ll be up to be a study buddy. Let me know if you guys have a discord or whatever.

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Hey yeah, i have Discord. Would be very useful…

Kenny Major#9837

What timezone? I’m from the Netherlands (Amsterdam timezone)

Once you’ve added me i will make a study discord group :facepunch:t4: :sunglasses:

I’m on Pacific time, in Los Angeles California.