HTML & CSS Learning Partner

Hello Guys;

My name is Chris and i just started html and css course. I recently graduated in Graphic Design and obtained a professional certificate in UX/UI Design. UI design made me realize that UI & Front-End could be an interesting career path.

I am looking for someone on my same journey to help and support each other along the way.

If you are interested let me know!

Happy coding all :slight_smile:

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Hi Chris,
I am Deniz.I am newly graduated product designer.I am aiming to improve my UX/UI design skills with learning Front End.
I will be so glad to keep company with you in this journey.

Have a great day!

That sounds amazing! For sure we can help each other in this path :grin:

Do you have discord by any chance ?

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Of course, you can add me :slight_smile:


Just sent !

Iā€™m toast :grin:

Hello my name is Rueben Osei
I think it will be super exciting to have you as a partner. I just started my front-end development carrier path.
I think we can have a lot to learn together
u can email me at