Python learning

Hello, my name is Leo Barros, and decided to come back to the Computing field. I am learning Python, any suggestions and tools that I need to learn as well, please let me know. I would like to learn more about cybersecurity.


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Hi hope you are doing well, if you want to learn cybersecurity, you can probably learn it from Udemy or you can look up free courses, a great code editor for python is Visual Studio Code of course and also you can try PyCharm

My favorite extensions for python or for vscode in general:

Live Server
Material Theme
Dracula Official
Code Runner
And Jupyter

Cybersecurity is an extremely large field, as I am sure you know, or maybe you don’t yet. If you are uncertain where to jump in then I will add some sites you might want to look at. Some are totally free and have tiers. They should be enough to give you an idea and let you explore. Try Hack Me has a good intro to give you the basics of networking, basic terminal skills…etc. You seem to already be on a good track with learning Python.

Pico CTF
Hack the Box

Also, you might want to brush up on Unix based operating systems, like Linux. There are a lot of distributions of Linux. You also might want to get started working with a terminal. I would suggest learning Unix/Linux commands using the terminal, as well as looking into zsh, bash or another shell.

The Linux Journey

I wish you the best and hope you have a great time learning.

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