I need a python learning partner

I need a study partner, preferably from Nigeria. Thanks

hi, anyone here to learn together

Hey! I literally just bought the course I don’t mind

okay sure we can learn

I am down, I also have the course but I don’t really like vscode as it’s not working like his in the videos so I prefer Pycharm is that fine? will I benefit more form vscode as you can code in other languages like java c## etc

Interested. Have you gone far? If you’re open to more learning partners I’m game.

I’m down too.

What module are you on so far?

Can you share the pdf’s in the Python course.I have been learning C++ from Mosh and I need to use Python for a project.I figured since part of the course is available on YouTube, I could learn from there.But having those notes will help a lot.

I’m in, email me and we can help each others !

Where in Nigeria do you live ?