Can I get help when I get stuck? Is this course related to cybersecurity?

Hello. I have question. I don’t join the course yet. I’m curious if I can get help when I follow this course? I tried to learn through Youtube and I found it’s very useful how Mosh teaching there. His tutorial help me alot to get better understanding for Python. But I got stuck in some area that I tried many times and still failed. I asked in youtube channel but no reply. Currently I study at Cert IV CyberSecurity. Do you think this course can be related to my course at Cybersecurity? Thank you

I don’t know about whether the course will help with you Cybersecurity course but if you are looking for a lot of help then you might not find it here, there is not a lot of activity on these forums (probably because they are new) and Mosh says that he does not have time to reply to questions directly (which is fair enough I guess). Maybe take Mosh’s course on udemy because that has a bigger community of people who are willing to help.

Dear Alena, Welcome to the Forum :slight_smile:
Courses by Mosh teach you everything you need to know, without losing time with superfluous words. If you get stuck on something, the best thing to do is searching in the web even if you pass entire days on it: this is the only method that help a good programmer. And this is true also when you will program for work. The best ability that tempt the employers is that you get by without asking for help. stackoverflow, github and this forum is your best friends :slight_smile:

May I ask which course we are talking about?

I think python language

Sure, why not? Start the “Complete Python Mastery” course today! It’s going to teach you the basics of Python programming. There is a section near the end (2nd to last as of Nov 2020) that briefly talks about Django, but you’re not going to find anything specific to cybersecurity, hacking or pentesting.

That said, learning the Python language (and how to program in general) will be very beneficial to learning more about cybersecurity in depth.

Once you finish the “Complete Python Mastery” course you could also try “The Ultimate JavaScript Mastery Series - Part 1” to learn Javascript which pretty much powers most of the web today.

You’re not going to find many (any?) courses on hacking on CodeWithMosh (as of Nov 2020), but there is a lot of great content on Youtube, once you learn the basics of Python. Try using these search terms on Youtube: “ethical hacking python” or “python pentesting” or “python cyber security”

Here’s one example: