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Is the Python Course sufficient to learn the Python language from beginner level to advanced level? In other words. Is it the first and last course on Python that I can use and learn to become a Python developer?

I’ve read the course description and advanced is mentioned. The problem is that the contents seem to be geared towards introductory and beginner level? Even the URL to the course reflects: Python for beginners.

I’d prefer to buy a complete course, to intermediate and advanced level.

Thanks for your help.

So my view of Mosh’s Complete Python Mastery course is that it is pretty comprehensive. I am a professional Python developer and actually took Mosh’s course after I have already mastered it, just to get his view on best practices. If you end up being comfortable with everything that Mosh teaches in this course, you will be a very accomplished Python programmer.

It must however be said that no single course is going to make you a programmer. It is more about starting to use Python, struggling with things, searching and figuring it out, that will make you a programmer. No course will give you experience. Appart from Python I also work with Java a bit and I still refer back to some of the sections of Mosh’s lectures if I forget how to do things.

So in summary, you will not waste your money on this course. Mosh has an easy to follow way of explaining. He may not explain everything the way that makes it easy for you to understand, but then you just search a bit and somewhere on the web you will find an answer that makes sense.

No course is perfect, I have done several, but this is a really good one.

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Hi Paul,

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