Complete Python Mastery info

I am wondering if I get Mosh course will it give me enough knowledge for me to be able to make Python websites or Python apps?

It will really depend on what you are intending to do. I have just started the course, and I do have some Python exposure prior to this. The course seems st this point to be very simplistic, but that is stated in his first video. This course should give you at the least a very good foundation in Python.

Now, he does not have this course on his page, I did find reference to the more advanced course which you may want to consider after completing this one.

The “for Developers” course is not more advanced - it’s a shortened version of “Complete Python Mastery” for people that already know basic programming concepts from another programming languange.

Yes, when read more carefully in this light I can see that. I misconstrued the description. Thanks for the reply and clarification.