New to coding. Opinions?

Hello, everyone, I’m new to coding and I am trying through this to change my career and my life in general. I just bought the full for Python and started it already, is it worthy to continue? Because I read here in the forum that is a lil bit outdated or is it better to complete first the CS50 Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard?
If you also have in mind other courses that might help better I will be happy to read.
Thank you everyone in advance.

You said you are new to programming and want to learn so that you can change your career and life. Since there are a ton of things a person can do for a career, what made you decide you wanted to learn programming? I am curious cause I hear this kind of statement from people that never programmed at all. Do people that have never flown want to become pilots? That aside…

First step, set realistic expectations. Learn to program and try to have fun first and then decide if it is something you want to pursue as a career. A lot of people enjoy it but I think it breaks a lot of people haha. Try not to worry about using it as a mechanism to change your career or life at this point. You are just wanting a test drive. Putting a lot of extra pressure on yourself could backfire into unnecessary stress.

I think any programming language you first pick is the best language. The skills you learn from most of the popular programming languages can be transferred to other languages. I started with C and it was a lot of fun, some people prefer the “high level” languages. To me C is high level. It is all relative. Languages are just one tool in programming. They are definitely not all you will be focused on.

The python course is not out of date and is a great course. I think the biggest issue most people complain about is the terminal and python setup…which is extreeeeeeeemely simple. Newer people just do not know what they do not know, this is not a knock on anyone. If you run into issues setting it up then check out this Getting Started with Python in VS Code, or come here and people will help you.

No Starch Press makes a ton of good books on Python. I would browse around a pick one or many. Go through Mosh’s course and the book. You will walk away with a very good understanding. I think the Python Crash Course one would go with the course pretty well.

Python is a general purpose programming language that is extremely popular. It has great documentation and a large community that can help you in whatever you are doing.

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If you are new to coding it will be very difficult for you to understand his lecture, because most of them are not consistent.

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What is an example of it being inconsistent?

I think it is important to expand on exactly what you mean.


When you are 31, you are already working in HORECA 15 years and now you are with back and knees problems then I think that the coding and one job like this is gonna change my life and please I would you like to ask meaningful question because you never know what I am going through or someone else.It’s not an attack, I hope that you understood what I mean. So yes its gonna change my life.

Can I ask you for this extreeeeeeeemely simple??? Because I can’t find it even if its simple as you say.

I am enjoying a lot all this and I love it, so I think I can go on. I just need some help, I am totally beginner.

I am just going to chalk this up as being a language barrier issue, even though it sounds like it has a little bit of a bitter tone to it.

I said most people on here complain about the Python course being out of date, mainly due to the setup in vscode and the terminal. I left a link to the documentation, that explains step by step how to set it up so that you do not have those problems when you do it.

You asked for advise and advise was given. Me suggesting to you to take it slow and not put so much pressure on it being a vehicle to change your life is something I am going to stick to. This does not mean do not try it. Why would I suggest things for you to look at if I didn’t expect you to try it?? Actually, I went out of my way to try to explain, since you are new and looking for some advice.

My 40 year old self is going to tell your 31 year old self to chill out. We all have done a lot and I am sure many people’s lives are not a cake walk. If you want advice that coincides with your own thoughts then you probably shouldn’t ask for advice in the first place.

I agree that putting pressure on yourself to succeed is the best way to fail, because you get frustrated and lose patience that way. I recommend you try and enjoy the journey, rather than get worry about the result. I am in a similar position to you, but exactly double your age, so finding it difficult too, particularly the lambda functions. I am not going to worry about this for now, I have just chalked this up as something to figure out later.

Good luck !

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