Pre-requisites for MVC/ .NET

Hey, I have a few years experience with c# in Unity, I figured my experience would transfer over to learning MVC pretty easily, and boy was I wrong. I was following Mosh’s course on MVC and I hit a brick wall pretty quickly. As soon as he got into the routing and regex stuff, and file stuff I was just stunned. The way he casually talks about it seems like its assumed that it’s a pre-requisite. So my question is two-fold - A.) I can’t find any Mosh courses that talk about Regex aside from the SQL one, so is that where the topic of Regex is brought up? B.) what are the pre-requisites before MVC? Should I have done SQL first? Should I also do datastructures first? I know a few algorithms and all the main datastructures from doing game dev for 3 years so I figured I didn’t need to do that.

Honestly, Mosh’s ASP.NET MVC course is outdated. There have been a lot of changes to make .NET development easier and making the development experience better since Mosh released his course. You will be much better off watching a more up-to-date tutorial or course from someone like IAmTimCorey on YouTube regarding ASP.NET.

thanks for the reply, the tim corey one however seems to be from 2017, even older than mosh’s