Is C# knowledge compulsory before learning ASP .NET MVC?

Hi. I want to enrol in the ASP .NET MVC 5 course but I’m not sure if I need prior knowledge of C# before doing so. Please anyone has any review on this matter?

Question: Do I need to learn C# or any other language before I can learn the ASP .NET MVC 5?

I haven’t taken the course, but I’m pretty sure it will teach you C#. It’s a “beginner” friendly course.

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This is from the prerequisites of the course.

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Do not remember how much C# is in the course but the point is to understand what’s going on in there. Not knowing C# would make it difficult to understand. That said, if you already know other languages such as Java, it should be OK.
Now in practice ASP uses Razor nowadays which allows you to code in C# in your views.
I’d tell it is better to know C#.


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