What course should I take to learn C#?

There are 4 Courses here and I only need 1 course that I can learn a lot. What course do you recommend?


What about stating from the basics should you have no knowledge ?


I do have basic knowledge but I think that’s not enough. Planning to buy the The Ultimate C# Mastery Series Course.


What do you know already ?
I guess you’re the best person to know, right ?
Just go through the table of contents in the course and estimate if you’d learn anything valuable.

Now talking C# I now go with Microsoft Learn personally.

I would advise you try to note what you know and compare with the features C# provides.
Do you know records ?
Do you know Frozen dictionaries ?
The goal is not necessarily to check all the marks but at least know where you are.
The main reason it is not is that it is much more valuable to actually do something from what you know than checking marks on a feature list. Moreover a project will push you onto problems and you’ll have to solve them. Which is way better than any course IMHO (which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any).

That said, this is a good source to start investigate.

Good luck.


I appreciate your source and comments right now I’m gonna start that course.

Thank you so much.