Prerequisites for Django course?

Hello dear community. Please advise. I am learning python and just finished basic python course by Mosh, and my next step was Django course p1.
But i find it too complicated with all “one to many relashionships” etc… and just don’t understand some stuff.
Was it too early for me? Is there something in the middle after basic course to cover before Django?

What are you understanding about relationships? Try to think of some real-world examples. Libraries and books, e.g. A library has many books and books can belong to many libraries (Many-to-Many). However, an order can only belong to one customer, but a customer can have many orders (Many-to-One).

Google some other examples and have a look at some basic relationship schema illustrations. You’ll soon get the idea.

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You might want to get some idea regarding databases before starting Django course.


Thanks for the replies guys!
I mean i expected the course to be about building a website with buttons, forms, interactive stuff) and second lessons is like “we will do primarily api and thats it”))

I think that you need to have basic knowledge about how web works, forms, post and get methods, some basic relational database theory, object oriented programming, mvc pattern and some about securiry too…django is a tool to make easy to develop web applications. when you have all theses general concepts very clear you can pick any language and any framework. IMHO to get start web app with python is not the best choice, I learnt every topic with c# and asp, later I move to net core, and later php and laravel, everything it was more easy and quick to understand.

But even with django)) you still need javascript, html and nodejs)) to make frontend) That was a big surprise!

Try the sql course or mysql or even ms access to get a good understanding of databases. I learnt databases first and mostly i will create databases first and code later. Django seems to take a reverse approach and code classes and data can be created from them. But i recommend learning about databases.

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I can highly recommend Mosh course MySQL Mastery which covers relationships and database design and a whole lot more. Like anything, its easy once its explained and you get it. The MySQL course is well explained, has tons of useful exercises and will add to your skills.