Django for Portfolio website

Hi guys!

Machine Learning/Deep Learning engineer currently doing a master (geoinformatics) here!

I have a short question with regards to the Django course. I do not want to develop a webshop, I rather want to create a portfolio website with Django.

Can someone tell me if this also is the course for me? I am proficient with Python, a bit with HTML and SQL. I can figure most things out meself, but a structured course is actually nice in a while.

Love to hear from you!

Thanks in regards,

Hi @Robertvdv, with your background, I certainly think you will be able to convert what you learn to what you need.

You can certainly build a portfolio site using Django and this course will be helpful to some degree. However, I say to some degree because, given the nature of the site, I doubt you will utilize most of what you will learn. Although it’s completely up to you.

For example, does your portfolio site need auth? Are you planning to persist data? A Web API layer? An admin interface? If so, Django will definitely help you and Mosh’s course is very good.

And if it’s a portfolio site, why not just use HTML, CSS, and a sprinkle of Javascript? With those, you can easily host them on a GitHub page for free.

Thank you for your extensive reply! I was indeed planning to make a portfolio site with auth and admin (I am thinking about becoming a freelance data scientist in the future).

Besides, I always like to learn something new! Again, thank you for your reply, I bought the course, and I like it so far.