How do you learn?

Hey guys,

i reached part 2 now - yeah :wink:
have already my own project in mind.

however, i wanted to know about your learning strategies.
its a lot of material. i for instance take a lot of handwritten notes to memorize stuff.

what are your strategies? are you pursuing your own django project as well?
is it best to finish all 3 courses first? or already implementing some things of the own project to get started and dont forget everything? :wink:

well, i am interested in hearing your strategies.


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Congratulations! That’s good you’re forming your own app ideas.

I found it a lot of information to take in, so I worked through Parts 1 and 2, and took a long break. Then I came back, went through Parts 1 and 2 again, and had a lot of “oh now I get it” moments.

Then I worked through Part 3 and found the concepts to be easier to grasp, though there still was a lot of rewatching.

Taking a lot of notes helped me as well, and I found I took more notes on the second time through Parts 1 & 2 that made more sense.

After that I went through the Djagno official “Writing your first django app” and found it fun and enjoyable!

Now I feel like I have enough knowledge to be dangerous, and have started to make my own project. I’m writing every single step down as I go (I learn well from reading step-by-step instructions) and it helps me break down the process as I go. I’m also re-watching Mosh lessons again to soak it all up!

Edit: Oh and flash cards! Many flash cards.

I wish you the best, it’s a super-fun world to dive into!

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I code along with mosh saving it in a file and take notes at the same time. I have also done the “Writing your first django app” poll app on the official docs like @tooTALLtimm, its a good place to start getting your feet wet with the documentation because its important to know how to read and understand it.

I also did some of my own projects like a fuel api app with a django backend just as a hobbie, its good to be in there debugging and writing code to make sure you have a good grasp of the concepts