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I noticed the Django course is titled “Ultimate Django Series Part 1”. That implies there will be multiple parts to the series. Will there be a part 2 and can you share the topics/modules planned for any future parts?


Hello Mosh!

I am finished with the 3 part Ultimate Django course. Thank you very much! I’m ready!

I am strongly recommending your courses as you’re diligent to address each detail in an extremely organized and straightforward manner. Hilighting the evolution of the code very well in the process.

This course will be my checklist until I transcribe one.

If you happen to have a checklist that corresponds to your course or if anyone else builds one and would like to share it that might be very helpful.

Thank you Mosh for leading me through the painstaking learning process all the way to the promised competence!

All the best!

Good day, I am currently taking the ultimate
django course part 3, personally I only go for your online courses, the clearity and organization of your courses are just top notch, when I’m through with django I intend
to take your React course too.
But now i’ve got an issue,
start the program with windows, and now I want to switch to WSL, please can i get the pdf with the instructions you talkabout in one of. the videos.